What does it mean to live entre, or in between, a space? What if your life was split between countries, between borders, between identities? For many Latinx* people, the experience of being neither here nor there is rooted in historic and ongoing tensions between the US and Latin America.

Entre/Between is a multi-sited exhibition presenting works that speak to Latinx histories living within and between the United States. The word entre is the framing device of the exhibition–one that means “in between” across the French, Spanish, and Portuguese mapped onto the Latinx diaspora by their historical colonizers. Surveying a visual history from 1851 to the present, the exhibition consists of paintings, photos, sculpture, works on paper, and video exhibited at Crystal Bridges, while video works and performances will be featured at the Momentary. Together, the exhibition explores themes of US border history, labor, and identity experiences that have defined and impacted Latinx communities–both in the US and across the diaspora.

Entre/Between is free to view at both locations.

*Here, we use Latinx, a gender-neutral term for a person of Latin American origin or descent who no longer lives in that region.

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