Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures - Other Selected Publications - Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation

Publisher: The New Museum of Contemporary Art and MIT Press
Artist(s): Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Contributor(s): Ferguson, Russell; Gever, Martha; West, Cornel; Minh-Ha, Trinh T.; Gever, Martha; West, Cornel; Minh-Ha, Trinh T.; Wallace, Michele; Wittig, Monique; Deleuze, Gilles; Guattari, Félix; Bhabha, Homi K.; Watney, Simon; Deutsche, Rosalyn; Yau, Joh; Clifford, James; Anzaldua, Gloria; Snead, James A.; Crimp, Douglas; Mercer, Kobena; Rodriguez, Richard; Lorde, Audre; Dyer, Richard; Morrison, Toni; Hooks, Bell; Cixous, Hélène; Said, Edward; Peckham, Linda; Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty; Gabriel, Teshome H.; Vizenor, Gerald
Designer: Bethany Johns with Georgie Stout
Publication Date: 1990
Pages: 446
Reproductions: 2, 15, 16, 88, 131, 170, 231, 324, 420, 426, 447 (ill). [Images selected by Felix Gonzalez-Torres]. 

Ferguson introduces an anthology of diverse essays by 27 authors engaged in a deconstruction of the Western binary framework which connotes the Other, in an examination of cultural marginalization. Texts are grouped into sections which explore the critical context of contemporary cultural debates, address the question of how to affirm cultural identity, and discuss the counter movements of displacement and resistance. Includes images selected by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and texts by Watney on the construction of an "African AIDS," by Anzaldua on the complexity of linguistic identity, and by Cixous on sexual difference.

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