In Deed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art - Other Selected Publications - Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation

Publisher: Roma Publications
Artist(s): Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Editors(s): Susan Hapgood and Cornelia Lauf
Designer: Louis Lüthi
Publication Date: 2011
Binding: Softcover
Dimensions: 19 x 27 cm
Pages: 104
Citations: 24, 80, 89
ISBN: 9789077459690

Certificates of authenticity are a critical aspect of art works today. They often embody the artwork itself, while referring to it, serving as its deed, legal statement, and fiscal invoice. Certificates by artists validate the authorship and originality of the work and they allow the work of art to be positioned in the marketplace as a branded product. Providing examples of artists certificates from the past fifty years, this book reveals how roles have shifted and developed, as well as how the materials and content of art have changed.

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