Art History, 6th Edition - Other Selected Publications - Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation

Publisher: Pearson
Artist(s): Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Author(s): Marilyn Stokstad and Michael W. Cothren
Publication Date: 2018
Pages: 1248
Reproductions: 1138
Citations: 1138
ISBN: 9780134485041

Art History brings the history of art to life for a new generation of students. It is global in scope, inclusive in its coverage, and warm and welcoming in tone. The guiding vision of Art History is that the teaching of art history survey courses should be filled with equal delight, enjoyment, and serious learning, while fostering an enthusiastic and educated public for the visual arts. The Sixth Edition has been revised to reflect new discoveries, recent research, and fresh interpretive perspectives, as well as to address the changing needs of both students and educators.

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