Exhibition Proposals

An active, significant part of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s work is its ability to change and evolve over time. In keeping with the artist’s intentions, the Foundation provides support for exhibitions that aim to expand the discourse and understanding around Gonzalez-Torres’s work. Much of the Foundation's dialogue with potential exhibitors is focused on inspiring them to contribute to the evolving meaning of the work.



The Foundation reviews exhibition proposals on a rolling basis, as it is one of the Foundation’s primary responsibilities. We welcome exhibition requests and proposals that consider or include the work of Gonzalez-Torres; please contact the Foundation at with all exhibition related inquiries.



For approved exhibitions, the Foundation is available, when in line with its charitable and educational mission, to facilitate the loan process, assist in drafting appropriate loan agreements, and provide active support for exhibitions.



Image Licensing

The Foundation is the sole licensee of copyright in the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. For all inquiries regarding the reproduction of the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, please contact the Foundation at Please note that the Foundation’s policy is to waive any and all licensing fees associated with educational usages.




The Foundation welcomes all researchers to reach out with any inquiries that they may have about the work of Gonzalez-Torres. For all inquiries regarding research, please contact the Foundation at

For those researchers interested in visiting the Foundation’s archives, the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation requests that individuals submit informal proposals that describe their field of study or research interests. It is protocol that the Foundation will typically require a phone conversation with individuals around their reseach interests and the nature of Gonzalez-Torres’s practice prior to any visits to the archives. The Foundation requests that proposals be provided at least one month in advance of any visits to the archives; visits are subject to staff availability and timing.



Writing Proposals

The Foundation is always open to inspiring new writers and receiving writing proposals. As a continued initiative to cultivate and support new scholarship, The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation and the Rockbund Museum, Shanghai are seeking text proposals from writers across all fields and at any stage of their careers to be considered for publication in the museum’s upcoming exhibition catalogue.

Proposal deadline: January 31, 2019.

Please read the Open Call for more information and submission requirements.



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