Palais de Tokyo presents an exhibition conceived by Tino Sehgal (born in Great Britain in 1976, lives in Berlin). The second of a series of “carte blanche” shows – interventions by artists covering the entirety of the 13,000m² exhibition space of Palais de Tokyo – begun by Philippe Parreno in 2013. For this show, whose main materials is human, in a metamorphosed Palais de Tokyo, Tino Sehgal is presenting his works alongside pieces by other artists he has chosen to invite: Daniel Buren, James Coleman, Félix González-Torres, Pierre Huyghe, Isabel Lewis and Philippe Parreno.

The exhibition, Tino Sehgal’s most extensive to date, brings together a selection of his major works, shaped around the labyrinthine architecture of Palais de Tokyo. The works merge and interact with each other, in ways the artist began to experiment with at Berlin’s Martin Gropius Bau in 2015, and earlier this year in Marrakech 2016, thus creating a new level of complexity for his projects.

Tino Sehgal challenges conventional museum exhibition precepts by placing a central focus on social interaction, rather than the inanimate object. His artworks are brought into existence through human capacities such as dance, speech and song, and are present during the entire opening hours of the show (from 12 October to 18 December). Often involving the visitors, each work has its own specific emotional and aesthetic nature. 

Curator: Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel
Artistic Producers: Asad Raza and Julia Simpson
Production Managers: Géraldine Caizergues and Manon Lefort-Meekel

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