Artists of Color
curated by Noah Davis

Artists of Color was The Underground Museum’s third exhibition curated by our co-founder Noah Davis. It presented color-driven work in the form of monochrome, hard-edge and color field painting, sculpture and immersive installations. 

Color is a building block of artistic practice and our own aesthetic experiences. Artists of all mediums use color to express shapes, light, mood and emotion. Think about the specific shades that represent serenity, nobility, energy, or purity. Color is also used by people and political movements to define culture and countries. It can make visible the often unseen connection between our bodies and the cosmos. 

Our hope is that through this show our visitors developed their own relationship to color. That together we expanded the dialogue around color theory. And, moving forward, we take new notice of how colors interact with each other, both on the canvas and in life. 

On view June 2017 through April 2018

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